Welcome to (GEVIC PALACE)Gospel Evangelical International Churches home web site where you'll find some history about our Church and our Community Social services, Locally, Internationally as we care, Socially and Spiritually in the Community.Gevic Palace,a Church without boundary,reaching the hard to reach,preaching the pure Gospel,giving hope to the hopeless,the distress, the Jobless,the Lonely,the sick, the lost in drugs/crime/sin. Delivering those under the power of night mares,fear,poverty,failure and to build them as people of power in order to stand and enjoy abundance of good life as they seek first, the kingdom of God and it's righteousness, as we prepare them for peaceful eternity from little child to a very old, Elderly Adult. WELCOME HOME AND CONTACT US FOR ANY HELP YOU MIGHT NEED TODAY AND PLEASE BE DIRECTED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND JOIN US AND BE PART OF THIS WORK AS A COMMITTED CHRISTIAN TODAY. Remain Blessed as you serve God and Humanity .Gowe International Fellowship of Churches(GIFOC)is our Interdenominational body in working with every one and churches called to serve God and humanity.THANKS AND WELCOME HOME.

Who We Are


Our mission is to preach the Gospel to the lost and to establish them to grow in the truth and to make committed Christians a people of power who will retrain others and take the Gospel to others round the World cross culturally which is our TASK.



OUR GREATEST TASK. LOCAL AND WORLD EVANGELIZATION/MISSION WORK.AND IN MOBILIZING MISSION AGENCY AND CHURCHES TO REACH THE HAD TO REACH PEOPLE. Dealing with tribes,adopting a whole village,town,sending out Missionaries, meeting them at the points of their need.